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Ahh… waves crashing like a drum rhythm, the smell of salt across the wind… can you feel it? Well not if you’re a landlocked ocean-lover. That’s where Learning to Sea™ aims to help.

Whether living on, near, or far from the water, this is a place to comprehensively learn, love, and share your enthusiasm about the ocean.  We’re covering the ocean from fact to folklore.

Find latest ocean news, interesting crafts, book reviews, and more on the blog. Also hear from ocean experts and enthusiasts on the Learning to Sea podcast. Connection is key, so come down to sea level and enjoy the tide.

About the host, writer, and creator:

306060_3188331780010_902202768_nInstead of being told to get my head out of the clouds, my friends always told me to come up for air. Despite living my entire life in Utah, I’m still more mermaid than mountain man.

My love of the ocean surfaced beforehand, but seeing Free Willy only made me thirst for more. I saw the ocean the 1st time when I was 9 visiting Keiko in Portland. The feeling has never left.

However, seeing as I love my home and family, I decided to combine my other loves of reading, writing, and crafting into this website to connect with the ocean in anyway I can. Just because I don’t live near it doesn’t mean I can’t help or affect it.

Eventually, I will be sharing my own ocean-themed works on this site, and I’m also using this as preparation for that project.

Share your love and join the pod here!