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I’m back from Friday Harbor and ready to reach out for more interviews, but first, what comes to mind when you think pageant? I’m going to guess the Miss USA pageant or Miss Congeniality. I’m combining both of those and adding the ocean with today’s episode featuring the USA contestant from the 2013 Miss Scuba International competition. Yes, you read that right. There is a pageant focusing around diving, conservation, and the ocean. The Miss Scuba International competitors are not only judged on traditional pageant topics like individual talent, catwalk adeptness, and Q&A proficiency, but also topics like diving skills and scuba tourism and marine conservation knowledge. Listen to learn more. 

Miss Scuba International Chanel HasonNotes:

  1. The goal of the pageant is marine and diving conservation
  2. Contestants pay their own way.
  3. Even pageant contestants eat McDonalds!
  4. Diving and snorkeling is a great way to get people to love the ocean

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