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This week we’re taking a step back, and I’m sharing with you why I started this podcast to beginning with.

Learning to Sea Podcast Cover artLet’s be honest, this should have been done on the first episode, but since this is the first podcast I’ve done, I’m learning as I go.

As an introduction, I don’t ever remember not loving the ocean. My mother being an ocean lover herself, only encouraged this infatuation from a young age, and I could frequently be found researching the creatures I was so fond of. I say researching because I am a landlocked ocean lover. Books and movies were the only way I gained connection to the ocean until I was 8. That’s when Free Willy was able to burst from the screen onto an Oregon aquarium for me.

I was finally able to see Keiko before he was moved to Iceland, and that’s part of what made episode 3 of Learning to Sea so special for me. There’s a reason I was willing to haul my ocean-starved self to the 20 year anniversary of the show in Los Angeles.

However, wanting to learn more and share my love of the ocean to people who can’t see it is only one reason I started the podcast; I’m also writing my own story. This story is heavily inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s original The Little Mermaid. In addition to the fact, I’ve decided to set my story in the very real Friday Harbor, Washington. This small town in the San Juan Islands is known for their summer orca pod populations and I’m happy to report I get to visit Friday Harbor for a week beginning this Friday. No, I didn’t plan that day to match on purpose.

Places I intend to visit and activities I’ll participate in while there:

  1.  Whale Museum
  2. Lime Kiln Point
  3. Discovery Sea Kayak Expedition
  4. Western Prince Whale Watching Tour
  5. Zip San Juan tour
  6. Center for Whale Research
  7. Interview orca experts and enthusiasts for World Orca Day!

As mentioned, be sure to join my pod and sign up for my mailing list for exclusive information about my future book and other ocean related items.

If you have any suggestions on where to go in Friday Harbor, please suggest them in the comments below. Listen to the episode for more!