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It’s July 1st, and I’m taking a renewed effort to continue with my podcasting–starting with Ran Elfassy from the Hong Kong-based conservation organization Shark Rescue. Note: This episode was recorded back in December, but it is still just as relevant.

After the financial crisis in 2008, Elfassy really took a look at what he where he wanted to spend his energy. Since the values of conservation are important to him, he decided to take advantage of his location and apply those values to marine conservation. He realized that not only was the consumption of shark fin very high in Hong Kong, but that it’s also a trade hub that passes more than 50% of shark fin and other products.

Thus, Shark Rescue was launched in 2009 to protect sharks and the oceans from unsustainable human activity. Since then they have expanded to products, (Updates: Actress January Jones is wearing Shark Rescue’s shirt.), influenced airlines such as Cathay Pacific to stop shipping shark fin cargo, and are making a continuing effort to bring awareness to shark finning in the most logistical place.

January Jones in Shark Rescue shirt

January Jones in Shark Rescue shirt

Key Points Mentioned in the Show:

  1. Hong Kong is a logistics hub for the shark fin trade.
  2. Over 350 species of sharks, but because they’re apex predators, there aren’t as many of them. They don’t reproduce in large volumes.
  3. Shark fins are more lucrative than the rest of the body, so there is a lot of incentive to participate.
  4. Shark fin soup only tastes good because of the additional flavors added.
  5. Be aware of what’s around you, and be ambitious!

Additional Resources Mentioned:

  1. Shark Rescue Facebook page
  2. Purchase your own Atayne Shark Rescue Shirts for Men and Women
  3. Stephanie Brendl
  4. American company Atayne
  5. Sign the petition to end the shark trade in Hong Kong
  6. Shark Rescue Website

Podcast Feedback:

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