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Welcome to the premiere episode of Learning to Sea!

How do you develop a connection with something you aren’t around or don’t see? Bring it to life. Amanda Gehrke & Allison Sojka are determined to bring the ocean to people’s attention with their new children’s poetry book No Worries Whale.

Learning to Sea Podcast: No Worries WhaleI was introduced to the book through a Kickstarter project. Having been introduced to parts of the ocean through a long-out-of-print poetry book myself when I was little, I was eager to back it. Upon arriving, I was please to see that the book doesn’t take a strictly factual or conversational angle. It has elements of both–along with life lessons, inspiration, and encouragement. Despite being a children’s book, they think “everyone can walk away with something from a book like this.” Seeing as I don’t have children, I completely agree.

Seeing as they’re both mothers and work, the project took best friends Amanda (author) and Allison (illustrator) about 3 years to complete.

Learn more about their inspiration, favorite moments and poems, and more in this week’s episode.

Additional Research Resources:

It’s clear they did an immense amount of research to create the poems and illustrations. Here are some of the additional resources they mentioned: National Geographic, Discovery, NOAANo Worries Whale Poem

Connect with No Worries Whale:

Connect with No Worries Whale on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Purchase No Worries Whale [easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”yes” align=”right” asin=”1490944966″ cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”small-light” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”leatosea-20″ width=”120″]No Worries Whale[/easyazon_cta] Be sure to leave a review if you’ve read it.

Send your ideas and feedback about their book to their P.O. Box 540416, Omaha, Nebraska 68154

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